What is Jackpot Savings?

Jackpot Savings is Grand's financial wellness product. It is a FDIC insured savings account that also provides cash rewards and customized financial advice. This product was inspired by “Prize-Linked Savings” or PLS. PLS has already helped millions of people outside the United States save billions of dollars. The concept is simple - As savers maintain and grow their savings, they are rewarded with entries to win cash prizes. Once you've got balances, we work to make sure you are making progress achieving each of your financial goals and adapting to any changes that my come along the way. Grand is one of the first companies to bring Prize-Linked Savings to the American market.

Using Grand, you simply: 1) Connect your checking account, 2) Set up recurring transfers or choose GrandSave, 3) Be entered to win cash prizes for every dollar saved.